Pool Leak Detection

It is natural that your pool will lose some water through way of evaporation, through splash-out and some through backwash wastewater. But keep a note, if you are having to add around two inches of water to the pool, it is possible that your pool has a leak and it is better that you spend some time and money in its repair because if proper care is not taken at the right time you might end up facing a bigger problem. It is necessary to repair pool leaks at the right time not only to save water, heat, and chemicals but to prevent the deterioration of a pools structural components and washing away of the fill dirt that supports the pool deck and the pool walls.
However, let us have a look at some of the common signs that indicates pool leak. They are the following:

• Loss of more water from the pool than regular evaporation
• Pool having air in the system
• The pool equipment losing prime
• Visible cracks
• The pool deck sinking or lifting
• Soggy spots around the pool
• Water needs to be added to the pool more than once in a week
So when you observe these signs it may be time that you get in touch with a professional pool detection company. But before you get in touch with such a company there are certain things that you ought to do by yourself. First of all, you must ensure that the pool is clean and not green. If the water is green it means that there is presence of molds, fungus, larvae and other contaminants in the water. Presence of all these things not only makes the detection of leaks impossible but it could also make you sick.

When finally a pool detection company is there to help you should be in a position to help them with the following information like:

• The position of the pool equipment
• The number of pumps in the pool
• The construction material that has been used in the pool, for example, it could be fiberglass, gunite, marcite or vinyl
• The number of skimmers present
• When does the pool leak more, with the filter on or without the filter?
• Other than the main drain, does the pool floor have any other fittings?
• Also, you should be able to tell them the amount of water the pool looses in a day.
Sometimes pool leak detection can be so easy that it can be done without any professional help with the help of a few simple tests like the bucket testing method; however, in most cases you will require professional assistance to detect a leak. They will have sophisticated equipment with the help of which they detect leaks as well repair it. So, before a small leak in your pool becomes a costly repair you need to take action.
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