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Why plumbing is required?

Water gives life. It is the presence of water that sets earth apart from other planets. 70% of the earth’s surface is covered with water, which is the reason behind existence of wide variety of flora and fauna on the planet. All living creatures depend on water for survival. Therefore when a house or commercial building is built, designing a proper plumbing system that would efficiently supply clean and fresh water is a major concern. Apart from this a layout for disposal of wastewater through the sewers has to be drafted. Fittings, fixtures, and appliances that deal with water have to be fitted in bathrooms and kitchen to use them conveniently. Plumbing mainly deals with laying of pipelines, drain pipes, valves, valve assemblies, and appliances (geysers, washing machines, sump pumps, garbage disposers) that are installed in a building so that the water system is functioning well. An efficient plumbing system in the house is mandatory for inmates to live in comfort. 

What are the major responsibilities of plumber?

  • Carefully study a building plan to determine the layout for plumbing
  • Decide on required tools and special equipment for a plumbing project
  • Select the pipes, valves, and other fittings such as faucet, showerheads, as well as the supports and hangers
  • Decide the position for connections and fixtures
  • Install the plumbing system and also repair and maintain it
  • install, repair, and maintain the wastewater and sewage disposal system of residences as well as commercial properties


What is the total cost? Never hire the first plumber you come across. Shop around for prices. However, do not fall prey to low price as the quality of the work can get compromised. When you talk to a plumber, ask him if he quoted the total price. If yes, he should give you a breakup of the service call, labor cost, cost of supplies, and contingency fee etc. The estimate should be given in writing. Do not hire plumbers who quote prices on phone without looking at the problem. 

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