Touchless Kitchen Faucet

A touch less kitchen faucet is also known by the name hands free kitchen faucet, electronic kitchen faucet or an automatic kitchen faucet. The most interesting feature of these kitchen faucets is that they automatically respond to our tasks automatically with the help of motion sensing mechanism. These faucets come with motion sensors fitted in them so that they can detect our hands and complete the task automatically. The moment our hands reach the tap the sensors sense their presence and the valve opens to allow the water flow. Similarly, when the hands are moved away from the tap the valve is shut off and there is no water flow.
These kinds of faucets can be great for public kitchen as they will minimize water loss. Moreover, whenever you have a dirty hand and you do not want to touch your trendy looking tap with it, touch less kitchen faucets can be advantageous. You will just have to take your hand near the tap and it will be washed automatically.

It is true that these touch less kitchen faucets were developed in the 1950s but they came into the market for commercial purposes only in the 1980s. In recent times, the use of touch less kitchen faucet has greatly increased even in private residences. One of the main reasons for this is the sense of style that is associated with these kinds of faucets.
While you are using touch less kitchen faucets you can be sure of one thing. That is there will be no unnecessary spread of bacteria because usage of water is optional. This means the moment the hand is removed from the tap; there will be no water flow. Hence, spillage of water is not an option. Moreover, touch less kitchen faucets can also be used in the traditional way by using the levers. This is helpful in household where everyone is not comfortable using the touch less faucets.

Some of the well-known brands manufacturing touch less kitchen faucet include Moen, Pfister, Delta, and Kohler. Besides these stalwarts there may be other brands as well who manufacture touch less kitchen faucets. The price of such faucets is on the higher side. Usually, it costs around $350 to $400.

Disclaimer: Although the above rates are typical average rates that can be seen across USA, they can vary in certain areas depending upon city and the variables associated with each individual project.

A home that has quite a few members it is obvious that almost each of them will touch the kitchen faucet and germs from one will easily pass on to the other through the kitchen faucet. In fact, may be the germ would not have passed from one person to the other if the kitchen faucet was not touched. The touch less kitchen faucet offers a solution to this problem. As you need not touch the kitchen faucet, the germs cannot pass from the hands of one person to the other.
It can be concluded saying that there is no reason to worry about such faucets and prevent its installation in your kitchen. In fact, it will soon become the norm of every household. The only thing that you ought to keep in mind is that just like all other appliances in your home these touch less kitchen faucets also require a little care.
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