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There goes an old English idiom “everything but the kitchen sinks”. It implies that when a resident moved from his old house to a new dwelling he took as much of his belongings as was possible. Apparently, the phrase implies that it is surely not possible to pack your kitchen sink in one of your baggage and transport it into your new house. A kitchen sink is after all a fixture. Therefore it is not feasible to change it often. It would require money, time, and hassle to rip apart an older one and replace it with a new one. Therefore when you buy a sink for your kitchen, you should weight a host of factors before you chose one.
Big, single sink

If you have enough space in your kitchen you should invest in a large and deep sink. The bigger design would allow you to keep large pans and pots inside for washing. You can also wash large quantities of produces in the sink before preparing them for cooking. These days you have wide range of options to choose from in large and deep sinks. The farmhouse sinks with a large forward-facing section is a bit expensive. But they are suitable for kitchens where a large amount of washing and cleaning has to be carried out. Sharon Flatley, a bath and kitchen designer sees most of her clients opting for a single, deep basin that is 33 to 36 inches wide and 8 to 10 inches deep. Moreover, these days some bands offer a slew of add-ons to your kitchen sink such as rinse baskets. These would fit comfortably in a big sink.
Two bowl sinks

A very popular design in kitchen sink is double bowl. You can have two bowls in your sink of equal or unequal sizes. The usual proportion of the two bowls is 60/40. It is very useful to wash utensils in one basin and prepare food in the other one. Sometimes when you have a very few plates to wash, manual washing seems to be easier than running a dishwasher. In such conditions, you can use one of the basins to apply soap on your plates and rinse them in the other bowl. Although 60/40 is the common ratio for double sinks, the size can be customized according to your need.

You can also go for three-basin sinks. These have two large ones and one small one with a garbage disposal. In these you can use the garbage disposal independently of the sink.

Shape of the sink

Sinks also come in various shapes. The farmhouse sinks whose origin dates back to 18th century have a large forward facing section and deeper basin. They can accommodate large dishware and minimize splashing. They are heavy and need a special base cabinet for installation. You can also buy top mount bowls. They feature a “drop-in” rim that holds the sink in place on the counter top. Although easy to install, they are prone to dirt accumulation. The under mount sinks take more time than top mounts for installation but they look modern and sleek. The D-shaped bowls are very popular as they offer more space than rectangular sinks. They have curved back.
Built-in drainboard

If you have to wash large amount of fruits and vegetables for preparation, it is a good idea to have a sink with drainboard to allow them to dry.

Material of the sink

This is a very important consideration when buying a sink. Stainless steel is a very popular option as sink material. It is durable. But it prone to scratches. Scratches can be buffed out by brushing. Some manufacturers also offer bottom grids to prevent scratching. But do not buy them if you have a supply of hard water. You will get spots on your sink.
Porcelain has been an old sink material. It also gives your kitchen a vintage look. You also get a variety of colors in porcelain. However, these sinks can chip. Washing metallic pans on them can leave black marks.

Granite is also a very popular option in sink material. It is resistant to scratches and chipping. However if you chose light color in granite it can stain. Sinks made of natural stones matches well with the color of your counter top. However natural stone is a bit expensive. They are also prone to scratches and chipping.

Sink accessories

Today you can increase the functionality at your sink by adding various accessories such as cutting boards, prep bowls, knife blocks, colanders and racks for dishcloths or cleaning utensils. However these should fit well at the lip of the basin. Therefore buy the accessories from the same manufacturer whose sink you are using. Otherwise the accessories may become a misfit for your sink.
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