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A channel drain is also known as a trench drain. It is kind of a floor drain which has a channel shaped body and it is recognized by its long body and narrow width. A channel drain is also known by other names like line drain, slot drain, linear drain or strip drain. Here, it needs to be mentioned that channel drains are different from the French drains and both these types should not be mistaken with each other. Just like any other drains, channel drains also require covers so that any large object does not get into the drain and choke it. This is because when drains get chocked it can create a mess.
The basic difference between channel drains and French drains is that French drains deal with water that is underground while channel drains divert the excess water that is on the surface. If you are thinking about the construction of channel or trench drains, you must know that such kinds of trains are lined with concrete and they are sloped in such a way so that they can take the advantage of the gravity. Generally, steel grates or filters are used to cover channel drains so that the clogging of the drain with debris can be prevented.
The most important advantage of channel drains is that they offer great solutions in high concrete areas like parking lot, sidewalks, and driveways. At the same time, these kinds of drain do a great job around pool edges when excess water drips off of the swimmer, it gets diverted to the area where it is desired and does not stay in a place where it is not desired. Another feature of channel drains is that they can be beneficial for business centers like multi-level parking garages, high traffic walkways as well as various entrances.

It is true that these drains are great for parking lots and driveways but the best time to construct these drains is when the driveway or the sidewalk is placed for the first time. This will help you get the exact measurement and you will be able to position the channel drain accordingly. However, that does not mean when you have a parking lot or driveway already in place you will not be able to create a channel drain, you will be able to do so with a little bit of extra effort.
As far as the type of channel or trench drains are concerned, there are four types. These types usually depend on their forming and installation method. However, the types are the cast-in-place, the pre-cast concrete, the liner systems, and the former systems.

Last but not the least, some of the problems associated with trench drains comprises its high cost, expensive installation, high instances of misunderstanding when it comes to determining the breadth of the drain. Nevertheless, whenever you need to install a channel drain it is always a better idea to get in touch with an expert because an amateur will do more bad than good.
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