Corner Sink

Corner Sink basin is typically placed at the corner of the kitchen. This type of sink is quite common with “U”-shaped or “L”-shaped kitchen cabinet. In fact, if you are looking at embedding some sort of visual interest in your kitchen, a corner sink basin can be a great option. Corner sink basin can be an efficient way to make use of the floor plan but at the same time there are some problems associated with a corner sink as well. Experts are of the opinion that the decision of a corner sink need to be taken at the design stage of the kitchen. If that is not the case, the end result will not be satisfactory. This is because the sink in a kitchen is the place where most of the activities take place and so it is important that the kitchen sink is easily accessible.
Now let us have a look at some of the advantages of a corner sink. They are the following:

The cabinet under the corner sink can be a great storage for the rubbish of your kitchen. Moreover, you can also store kitchen gear, and other odds and ends along with that it also gives more space for the storage of plumbing supplies.

Corner sink in a kitchen is known to help you with the much desired design flexibility. If you have to utilize every inch of your kitchen space available, a corner sink can be a great choice. This is because they save as much work area as possible.
Corner sink basin in a kitchen also means using of the dead kitchen space which otherwise would have gone unused is put to use as the corner sink is placed there. In fact, if you have an additional space in your kitchen you can also try installing another additional sink in the kitchen for more functionality.

Another advantage of a corner sink is that they offer unbroken counters. The best thing about these counters is that they do not break the flow of the counter tops along the wall, the result of which is you will have a really longer work space.

However, it needs to be mentioned here that there are some disadvantages of corner sink basin in the kitchen as well.

First of all, it can become quite difficult to clean a corner sink basin. The chances of mold growth are quite high in the corner area due to constant exposure to moisture. Hence, it is important that a corner sink is cleaned several times in a day.
Size of corner sink is another issue that ought to be kept in mind. This is because the size of a corner sink is smaller than that of a standard sink. So, if you are someone who has a higher use of big sized utensils in your kitchen it is a better idea to opt for a standard kitchen sink instead of a corner sink basin.

Last but not the least; it can get quite difficult to place appliances like a dishwasher near a corner sink basin because when the door of the dishwasher is open it can be cumbersome to access a corner sink basin. Thus, always plan well before you think of a corner sink basin.
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