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Choosing a finish for your bathroom faucet is more difficult than selecting its design. Let’s take a look at the various finishes for bathroom faucets and their respective advantages and disadvantages. However, you should know that most bathroom faucets have lifetime warranties on their finishes. So if your present faucet has lost all it shine and glitter, call the manufacturer to know the status of warranty on it.
Polished and brushed nickel

Many users are bored with chrome finish because of their commonness. If you are one of those, try polished nickel. It is darker than chrome but has the same smoothness and shine. You can bring different effect on it by customizing the lighting setup in the bathroom. Polished nickel is durable. It is however expense and difficult to find.

Brushed nickel has a soft, metallic look. It can hide fingerprints and water spots. It lasts for a considerable time. It's easy to clean, easy to find, and easy to match with accessories and other fixtures. It is also cost effective. It will, however, not match well with stainless steel.
Polished and satin brass

Polished brass is an old favorite with homeowners. It gives your bathroom a classic and vintage look. The finish will last you for long. It is easy to clean. However it is more expensive than other finishes. It goes very well in modern, traditional, and eclectic bathrooms.

Satin brass comes with matte finish, which has a charm of its own. The finish helps to hide fingerprints and water spots. It is durable. These are not available easily. It is difficult to match this finish with other accessories of the bathroom.


They render a rich feeling to your bathroom. They match very well with marble counter tops. Copper has antibacterial properties. Although copper finish can scratch, the scratches will go darker with times and diffuse with patina. Copper finish also develops a beautiful patina. However faucets with proper finish would need more maintenance. Copper finish is not very durable. It is also difficult to match it with other bathroom accessories.
Oil-rubbed bronze

It has a great aesthetic appeal. It renders the bathroom with a traditional look and feel. They are easily available and are durable. Cleaning them is not much of a hassle. Water spots or fingerprints are not visible on them. They are a bit pricey. They are perfect for traditional bathrooms or those with Tuscan or Mediterranean settings.

Satin bronze

This finish has a flexibility and subtlety about itself. They can be used for various bathroom styles and settings. They are durable and easy to clean. The finish is quite close to copper finish. It is lighter than oil-rubbed bronze. It won’t show water spots and fingerprints. It is expensive and difficult to find. T

This is the most common finish in bathroom faucets. It is inexpensive. It is also easy to clean and maintain. It goes well with other bathroom accessories and is durable. It is easy to find. Its main demerit is that it shows water spots and fingerprints. It goes with all bathroom styles.

Matte Black

This finish is becoming very popular on account of its ability to match other bathroom vanities and accent pieces. They are very good for small-scale bathroom renovation. They are easy to clean and maintain. They do not show dirt, fingerprints or water spots. They go very well with bathrooms that have modern theme.


Buy white finish, if you want a clean and brilliant look. They are easy to clean. They diffuse well with all styles. They do not show water spots or fingerprints. They are fragile and prone to chipping.
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